Speaking of Suicide

Joe’s story

July 26, 2021

In this episode of Speaking of Suicide, sponsored by Williamson Foodservice, Pennie talks to her good friend Joe.  They’ve been friends for a number of years and have shared a lot of laughs and conversations, but it wasn’t until recently that Joe admitted he’d contemplated suicide.  In this compelling and hugely thought-provoking conversation Joe talks openly and honestly about the events leading up to his thinking that suicide was his only way out.  It’s a story of the pressures that come from being in business for yourself, the stress of feeling you need to support the family and live up to your own expectations of what you should achieve in life.   Joe thought he wouldn’t qualify for the podcast because he never attempted to take his own life, on the contrary we think that makes his story all the more important because he can share how he managed to turn back from years of stress and pressure and depression to build the life he has now – a life where he’s happy and fulfilled and knows that suicide would never have been the best option.  This is breathtakingly honest and a riveting listen for anyone who ever struggles with the day to day pressures of life.

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